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Tatsuhiro Boku, defendant in the Higashi Sumiyoshi Case entering the Osaka District Court April 28. (More)


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Keiko Aoki, defendant in the Higashi Sumiyoshi Case entering the Osaka District Court May 2. (More)

Wrongfully Convicted!

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Takuya Katsumata-(hard to believe he’s 33 years old) arrested for trademark violations, was beaten in interrogation and confessed to murder. He was sentenced in the absence of any direct evidence.

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Welcome to the Japan Innocence and Death Penalty Information Center.
Michael H. Fox

Death Penalty
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Execution Watch 2016

Hangings = 3
Current death row population = 129
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Total Executions
today = 104


The Sayama Case: Any End in Sight?

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The Sayama case is perhaps Japan's most infamous case of wrongful conviction and injustice. Originally arrested in 1962, Kazuo Ishikawa ( at left) was paroled in 1994. His conviction for rape and murder remains intact. This case galvanized the Buraku liberation movement. JIADEP advisor David McNeil (right) interviewed Ishikawa about his experience. ( More)
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Double Jeopardy!

Travesty of Justice!
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From "Not Guilty" to"12 Years".

Verdicts of not-guilty in Japan are routinely appealed. Sachio Sekiguchi (left), in a jury trial, was found not guilty of carrying controlled substances into Japan from Canada. The appeals court reversed the verdict and sentenced Sekiguchi to 12 years. After reversal, he created some YouTube videos discussing his case ….in English! (Warning: contains adult language) (View)

JIADEP is in partnership with the worldwide movement to abolish capital punishment.

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PODCAST: The Death Penalty Information Center (Washington D.C) explores the death penalty in Japan in an interview with Michael Fox.podcast

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