JIADEP NOTE: Another sad reminder of the "win/convict at all costs" mentality.


3 men released after wrongful arrest over 1995 fatal robbery

December 26, 2009

Three men who were arrested earlier this month over a 1995 fatal robbery in Ibaraki Prefecture were released Friday as investigators could not find sufficient evidence against them. The three in their 70s will not be indicted in the case in which 68-year-old Yukio Matsuda was assaulted and robbed of his watch and other items at his home in Ushiku, Ibaraki, on Jan 17, 1995. He died the next day.

The three men, who had surfaced as suspects following an anonymous tip, were taken into custody on Dec 5 as the fingerprint of one of them was found at Matsuda’s home, according to investigative sources. But the Mito District Public Prosecutors Office decided to release the three, all of whom denied the allegations, as it could not be determined when the fingerprint was left. The statute of limitations in the case expires Jan 17.