Japanese Broker seeks illegal
organ transplant arrangement in China


A man who allegedly brokers organ transplants overseas illegally approached a doctor at Kanazawa University Hospital in Ishikawa Prefecture to help a patient receive a transplant in China by asking him to write a request letter in his name, the university said Tuesday. While the doctor told the university he rejected the approach, the broker said that the doctor agreed to cooperate and that they began discussing specific details.

Having patients undergo organ transplants in China is generally considered unethical by Japanese doctors due to suspected organ trafficking and use of organs taken from executed prisoners.

Japan’s organ transplant law prohibits transplants being arranged without government permission, and the Japan Organ Transplant Network is the only organization certified as an intermediary.

The broker, a 49-year-old resident of Kanagawa Prefecture, is already suspected of gathering patients interested in transplants using the name of a nonprofit organization for collecting and distributing information on intractable diseases.

has also allegedly asked Koichi Kato, a former secretary general of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party, to help enable Chinese doctors to undergo training in Japan.