Police officer cut out 6,585 crime cases to avoid reporting high numbers
June 26, 2013(Mainichi Japan)

OSAKA -- A senior police officer here omitted thousands of cases from criminal offense reports between 2008 and 2012 to give the appearance that there were fewer crimes, the Osaka Prefectural Police have announced.

The senior police officer in his 50s at the Sakai Police Station was tasked with filing paperwork on criminal complaints with the National Police Agency. However, he did not report 6,585 cases -- including theft and destruction of property -- when they were attempted crimes, or if stolen items were recovered after the complaints were filed.

Osaka Prefecture had for years had the most street crime nationwide, an ignominious distinction it has not claimed since 2010. Even if the omitted data from 2008 to 2012 were to be added, the prefecture's ranking overall would not change. However, the newly identified data changes its position as the fourth worst prefecture for auto theft and vending machine theft in 2011 to third worst in both categories.


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