Hakamada Iwao

Some Materials Relating to the Case of Iwao Hakamada, former professional boxer who has been wrongfully charged with murder and has been incarcerated for over 40 years.


Death row inmate becomes cause celebre


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November, 2013


Sister of ex-boxer Hakamada files 2nd retrial plea

Saturday 26th April, 01:52 AM JST


The sister of a death row inmate, who was convicted of the 1966 murder of a family of four, filed a second retrial plea with the Shizuoka District Court on Friday, after the first plea was rejected by the Supreme Court in March.

The death sentence against the former professional boxer Iwao Hakamada, 72, was finalized in 1980 at the highest court over the murder of a company executive, his wife and their two children in Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, despite his claim of innocence. In filing the second plea, his sister, Hideko, 75, also submitted an expert statement, claiming that the trousers believed to have been worn by the criminal are too small for Hakamada, according to his defense lawyers.