JIADEP note: Little information is available about the case of Dr. Keiki Hayashi who claims wrongful arrest regarding internet-based sales of an unlicensed drug. Dr. Hayashi is looking for someone to write an article about his case. If interested, please contact us.


I am writing to you with the hope that I can find a journalist who is interested in writing a story questioning the EFFICACY OF AND JUSTICE IN THE JAPANESE JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Dr. Keiki Hayashi (I am his translator) has an unbelievable and emotional story which would be of great interest to a journalist who firmly believes in the HIGHER MORAL GROUND OF TRUTHFULNESS and basic HUMAN RIGHTS for normal citizens. His story is related to recent topics such as the Scare of Chinese Exports and Japanese Jury System to start in 2009. One of many falsely accused defendants in the Japanese judicial system, Hayashi has remained adamant from the beginning to be uncompromising about the facts, and possesses the intelligence, resourcefulness and determination to expose the truth and overturn his case. I have attached an outline of the events of his case to this e-mail, and for your quick perusal have also summarized the central facts and related issues below. (Note: I am relating a fraction of what I have heard from him. His sincere hope is that a journalist will visit him in his house in Okayama, Japan to view the evidence and talk with him directly. Truly, perhaps only foreign media coverage will create the momentum to assist his cause as well as give others the courage to do the same.) (1) TIMELINE OF FACTS 1996-- Traveled to China for medical research 1998-- Conducted research for Chinese University using machines in Japan 1999-- Returned to Japan to live 2001.5 -- House and lab searched by police on charge of “internet-based sales of unlicensed drug” 2001.7-- Arrested at home, 23 days in jail, released 2001.7-- Same day, arrested again for “manufacturing unlicensed drug with intent to sell on internet” 2001.8 -- Trial proceedings start (still under custody in jail) 2001.12-- Heart attack in jail. 2 months in a hospital. 2002-- Over 30 court hearings. 2004--Guilty verdict. Appeal to Higher Court. 2005--Higher Court appeal rejected. Appeal to Supreme Court. 2007--Supreme Court appeal rejected. *A multitude of evidence to prove his innocence is readily available, some of which is outlined in the attached file. (2) TOPICS Because the original politics-driven plot (lie) continued to be upheld by law enforcement and the judicial system, Hayashi’s story would be of interest from several focal points. (He will supply evidence to back each of these) 1. POLITICS: Botched plot to create a China-bashing opportunity (story related to: Cardboard Dumplings) 2. POLICE: Inhumane interrogation techniques, false evidence, forced confessions 3. JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Inefficacy of judge’s judgement (story can be tied to: Jury System to start in 2009) 4. THE BIG VILLAGE: Guilt, pre-concluded through a political order, upheld through law enforcement and the judicial system (judges & public prosecutors), who protect each other and their own station by remaining consistent with the guilty conclusion despite clear evidence. 5. JAPANESE CULTURE AND MASS MEDIA: The secret that everyone knows: Denial of clear facts and reluctancy to admit that a mistake had been made. Similarly, Japanese media does not have the power to directly criticize the system in this way. (similar to: War crimes in Asia) I hope that I have made it clear to you that his case would be of interest to a journalist who passionately believes in justice. Dr. Hayashi will readily show any and all evidence, and talk for hours or days to anyone interested in his plight. I believe that he is a source of inspiration and hope for a more just society, and that the story is of international significance. Finally, I hope that you, like I, have faith that we have the power to ensure that his efforts and sufferings do not end in vain. “Ye who have faith... nothing shall be impossible.” Kind regards, Marc Lee Please contact me, Marc Lee, (in English or Japanese) at: ichigoichie930@hotmail.com -OR- Dr. Hayashi (in Japanese) at: mmiillee007@yahoo.co.jp ------ An online article in Japanese from 2004 can be found at http://www.melma.com/backnumber_53999_2128055 _________________________________________________