Acquitted obstetrician to return to work 2008/09/04 FUKUSHIMA

An obstetrician, who was accused of being responsible for the hemorrhagic death of a woman during a cesarean operation at a Fukushima Prefecture-run hospital, will return to work on Thursday following the finalization of his acquittal at Wednesday midnight, prefectural officials said. Katsuhiko Kato, 40, has been on administrative leave since the 2004 incident and the hospital bureau of the local government will ask him about which post he would like to assume, the officials said. The Fukushima District Court acquitted Kato on Aug. 20 of causing the woman to die from blood loss by detaching her placenta from her uterus without taking risk aversion measures.


Nurse acquitted over death of diabetic girl

The Gifu District Court on Wednesday acquitted a nurse who was accused of failing to perform appropriate medical care for a diabetic girl at an organic food research facility in Ena, Gifu Prefecture, in July 2005. While the girl, then 12, eventually died, Judge Mihoko Tanabe ruled that Masako Amaha, 49, does not bear criminal responsibility, saying, ‘‘It remains unknown whether the girl would have survived even if the defendant provided proper medical care.’’ The girl stayed at the facility for the treatment of diabetes and fell into a coma on July 18, 2005. Amaha was indicted without arrest in June 2007 for unintentional homicide, with prosecutors arguing she failed to take appropriate measures such as injecting insulin and bringing the girl to a doctor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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