Itoh Kazufumi

Prosecutors seek death penalty in murder of family in Nagano
(Mainichi Japan) December 16, 2011

NAGANO (Kyodo) -- Prosecutors called for the death penalty Friday for the alleged mastermind of a conspiracy to murder and rob a family of three, including his employer, in Nagano Prefecture in March last year.
The indictment said Kazufumi Ito, 32, led the conspiracy involving three other men to strangle the three victims in their home in the city of Nagano. The four men also stole around 4.16 million yen in cash and buried their victims' bodies in neighboring Aichi Prefecture, it said.
In Friday's hearing at the Nagano District Court, prosecutors said the murders of Fumio Kin, 62, his son Yoshiaki, 30, and Yoshiaki's wife Yukiko Kusumi, 26, were "extremely vicious," adding there is "no room for leniency."
The court will hand down its ruling on Ito on Dec. 27.
Ito is the third of the four defendants to be tried over the case. Two other defendants who were sentenced to death by the court have both appealed, while the fourth defendant is undergoing pretrial procedure.

3人殺害の被告に死刑 長野地裁判決