Man sentenced to death for killing 2 women in lay judge trial
(Mainichi Japan) June 22, 2011

SHIZUOKA (Kyodo) -- A 44-year-old man was sentenced to death Tuesday for killing his girlfriend in 2005 and his wife in 2010 in a lay judge trial at the Shizuoka District Court.
It was the seventh capital punishment sentence given by a lay judge panel consisting of three professional and six citizen judges.
The defendant, Kazuya Kuwata, killed Kaori Hibino, 22, around October 2005 and his wife Hiroko, 25, in February 2010 over money and association troubles, according to prosecutors.
During the trial at the district court's Numazu branch, Kuwata pleaded guilty and said he would accept the death penalty.
The defense counsel had sought leniency, arguing his crimes were not pre-meditated.

2女性殺害被告に死刑、裁判員裁判7例目 地裁沼津支部