Misfeasance: mistakes made in law, unintentionally
Nonfeasance: failing to apply or execute the law
Malfeasance: intentional acts of malevolence, deliberate miscarriages of justice

JIADEP is concerned with "malfeasance": the use of power by authorities to frame innocents and expedite their own pursuit of power within the country.


Japanese police are also notorious for losing evidence which upsets their version of crimes. See our nascent page: Evidence Lost page.

Police Malfeasance


Catholic Church Protests After Officers Without Warrants Arrest Worshippers

Woman wins suit against police: Officer did not identify himself properly

Saga Prefectural Police covered up 1,033 traffic accidents causing death or injury

January 14, 2011

SAGA -- Prefectural police covered up more than 1,000 traffic accidents causing death or injury over a 16-month period, it has emerged. (
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Police admit shortcomings in unsolved 1995 police chief shooting

19th February, 2011

Police said in a report Friday that they failed to resolve the 1995 shooting of the then National Police Agency chief due to a shoddy early investigation and slow response to substantiating allegations.

The report came nearly a year after the expiration of the statute of limitations for the shooting, which seriously injured then NPA chief Takaji Kunimatsu and was blamed by police on the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult. (
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Prosecutorial Malfeasance


Disappearing Evidence
Okayama Burglary Case- Prosecution promises evidence and later states that "it doesn't exist." (
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Assistant prosecutor arrested
for allegedly groping woman on train
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Between 1997 and 2009, California judges explicitly found that state prosecutors engaged in misconduct during criminal trials more than 700 times, from intimidating witnesses to witholding evidence that would exonerate the defendant, actions that led not only to innocent people being locked behind bars for years, but to actual criminals being set free. (
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Osaka prosecutor punished for ordering alibi deleted from police report
(Mainichi Japan) December 22, 2010 ( More )

Supreme Court rules youth threatened by prosecutor, interrogation ruled illegal.
November 6, 2010
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Hiroshima prosecutors destroyed notes on disputed interrogations
18th October, 2010 (
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Postal Fraud Case October, 2010 (
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Prosecution demands life imprisonment for gangster sentenced to 30 years. (
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Prosecutor's pressure for confession ruled illegal. Husband and wife awarded damages for malfeasance.
2006/10/19 (

Prosecutors have not learned lesson despite warnings over falsifying depositions
(Editorial Mainichi Japan) December 15, 2010 (
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Regarding former whisltleblower and ex-prosecutor Kiyohiko Masui, 77