Even After Death The Struggle Continues....

JIADEP Note: Japanese Law permits retrials for the executed and those who die while petitioning for appeal. The following cases continue in the courts.


The Teigin Incident (1948). Sadamichi Hirasawa, a chemist, was found guilty of poisoning 12 people in a bank heist. He died in 1987. (More)

The Fukuoka Incident (1947) . Takeo Nishi, a merchant, was found guilty of the robbery and shooting of two black market dealers on May 20, 1947, in the city of Fukuoka. He was executed in 1975.
1) Japan Times Articles about the case (
2) Sister Helen Prejean comes to Japan in support (

Gone but not forgotten.....
Even after execution, a killer's legacy bridges east and west.
One of the last wishes of executed murderer Norio Nagayama has helped to link Japanese kids who refuse to go to school with working children in Peru.