Watanabe Minoru

Murderer's death penalty upheld
Friday, Feb. 29, 2008

SENDAI (Kyodo) The Sendai High Court on Thursday upheld the death penalty for a 58-year-old man convicted of killing two people in Fukushima Prefecture in 2001.

Minoru Watanabe was accused of killing Miyoko Nakajima, 77, in conspiracy with others by running her over with a car to obtain ¥2.3 million in insurance money.

He was also convicted of murdering Katsushige Umino, 63, who had quarreled with him over another murder-for-insurance plan.

Watanabe's lawyers plan to appeal.

They had sought leniency, saying he did not mastermind the crimes, while prosecutors asked the court to reject his appeal against the June 2006 ruling by the Fukushima District Court's Koriyama branch that declared him the main culprit.


Watanabe Junichi

No English Reportage on this case. Very Strange.