JIADEP Note: We have substituted "child molestation"for child prostitution.


Taxi driver acquitted of child molestation charge

The Nagoya District Court on Friday acquitted a 69-year-old taxi driver indicted over child prostitution on the grounds that testimony by the girl allegedly involved was untrustworthy. Judge Mitsuru Horiuchi said the testimony was not credible ‘‘as it changed repeatedly in accordance with the development of the investigation.’‘

The driver was arrested and indicted for paying 10,000 yen to the female high school student in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, in May last year and touching her body in his cab. While denying the charges initially, he later admitted to them to avoid inquiries and was ordered to pay a fine of 400,000 yen, according to his lawyer. But he then pleaded not guilty again and asked for trial.