JIADEP Note: Why is it that Japan has such a high record of confessions? Some of the articles below elucidate the phenomena quite clearly. Those who do not confess suffer gruelling interrogations without legal counsel and physical violence. A Japanese prosecutor once remarked to an American academic, "The only ones who don't confess are yakuza and gaijin (foreigners)."

Some articles:

2012-06-14 Middle Aged Couple awarded 1,300,00 yen ($15,000) for verbal abuse during interrogation. ( More )

Coercing confessions from the elderly and family members.(2012) (More)
Mentally impaired man files for criminal indemnity for 11 months of wrongful incarceration.
Gave confession in arson case after fed details by police. (2011) (

少年を威嚇、検事の取り調べは違法 最高裁で賠償確定
Supreme Court rules youth threatened by prosecutor, interrogation ruled illegal
November 6, 2010 ( More )

Hospital internist cleared in poisoning case: Judge says confession forced. (More)

Prosecutor's pressure for confession ruled illegal. Husband and wife awarded damages for malfeasance.
2006/10/19 (

Recently, the newly introduced Saiban-in (quasi-jury)system has disturbed the violent modus operandi of Japanese police interrogation.

Exposure of coercive techniques sparks movement to change rules for police
Jan. 26, 2008 (More)

Elite prosecutors squad videotapes interrogation for 1st time 2011/April ( More )