JIADEP note: This case defies the imagination. A young high school girl arrives home late after meeting a boyfriend. Upon being scolded by her mother, she says she has been raped. She gives a police report, 10 boys are arrested, and later changes the date of the incident.


Attempted rape nets two-year terms Oct. 28, 2005

SHIZUOKA (Kyodo) The Shizuoka District Court on Thursday sentenced four men to two years in prison for the attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl in a park in Gotemba here four years ago. During the course of an investigation into the case, the defendants -- three aged 21 and one aged 20 -- initially admitted to the allegations. They later denied them, however, saying they had been coerced into their confessions. During the trial at the court's Numazu branch, prosecutors also changed the date of the alleged crime from Sept. 16, 2001, after the defense team noted that the girl's mobile phone records indicated she had been in a different place that day. Meanwhile, the alleged victim herself testified in court that the date was in fact Sept. 9. Defense lawyers said her testimony was illogical, claiming that she had fabricated the incident. The prosecution team argued, nevertheless, that aside from the date, her testimony was credible. According to the ruling, the four, then aged 16 and 17, tried to rape the girl at the park on the night of Sept. 9, along with six others. The defendants' names are being withheld because they were minors at the time of the incident.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ High court lowers prison sentences of four defendants in attempted rape case 2007/08/22

page286_1A supporter of the four defendants holds up a sign saying "unfair ruling" following the appeal hearing, in front of the Tokyo High Court on Wednesday morning.The Tokyo High Court on Wednesday scrapped a two-year prison sentence handed down to four defendants accused of attempting to rape a 15-year-old girl, and lowered the sentence to 18 months. In making the decision, the appeal court's presiding judge said that there were problems with the victim's statement of the facts, but it rejected claims by the defendants that the charges against them were false. The four defendants were accused of trying to rape a 15-year-old high school girl in Gotenba, Shizuoka Prefecture, in September 2001. At the time, they were aged between 16 and 17. In earlier hearings in the Numazu branch of the Shizuoka District Court, the victim changed the date of the incident from Sept. 16, 2001, to Sept. 9 that year. In the high court, the presiding judge stated that with the exception of the dates, the woman's testimony was "specific and natural." It added that statements made by the defendants about their alibis were "unbelievable." (Mainichi) August 22, 2007 御殿場強姦未遂:4被告2審も実刑 被害者供述「具体的」 page286_2




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